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The hedgehogs class

For children 3-6 years old

Children are encouraged to speak French through a wide variety of activities: songs, stories and games that allows the child to develop his vocabulary and to learn to express himself in French. 


The lessons are fun, full of energy and suitable for  little ones.

French school system: Kindergarten - CP

UK equivalent: Reception – Y1

The Frogs class

For children aged 7-8 years old

In this class, children learn to read and write in French. We start to explain French grammar and continue to enhance vocabulary. The children also do lots of craft, sing songs and learn about French culture, history and geography.

French education level: CP – CE1 – CE2

UK equivalent: Y2 – Y3

The Marmots class

For children aged 9-10 years old

In this class, children further develop their knowledge of French grammar. We also explore French culture and literature through fun activities.

French education level: CE2 – CM1 – CM2 – Sixième

UK equivalent: Y4 – Y5 – Y6 – Y7


The Foxes class

For children aged 11-16 years old

In this class, learning and teaching methods are adapted to children already in secondary education and focused on preparing them for French GCSE exams.


French education level: College, Seconde

UK equivalent: GSCE 


Life at the Petite Ecole Kentoise

Our classes are conducted in a fun way around a structured program.


As all lessons are given exclusively in French, we ask that children understand a minimum of French even if they speak it very little or not at all. Our teachers adapt the programs according to the level of the children in their class. 

Classes take place on Saturday mornings from 10.00 to 12.30 (30 sessions, excluding school holidays).

We have four small classes of 10 to 15 children maximum.

La Petite École Kentoise provides textbooks and activity books for each child. The notebooks come home with the children for the holidays. ​


Breaktime lasts 15 minutes and is always outside. Each child must have seasonal clothing and a snack (but nothing with nuts!)

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