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Saturday School

We offer French lessons in total immersion for bilingual children aged 3 to 16 years old.

For all of our classes, the focus is on mastering speaking and writing. The teaching team also explores cultural, historical, and literary themes to encourage students to enrich their knowledge of France and the French-speaking world.

The Petite Ecole Kentoise de Maidstone was founded in 2008 by a group of volunteer mothers who wanted to provide their bilingual children, enrolled in the British education system, with additional French lessons. Today we welcome about fifty children.

We are part of the FLAM (Français Langue Maternelle) association, a network of Petites Ecoles that provides valuable information, advice, ressources, and training.

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Our classes

French school Maidstone 1
French School Maidstone 2
French School Maidstone 3
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Hedgehogs' class 

3–6 years old

Frogs' class

7–8 years old

Marmots' class

9–10 years old

Foxes' class

11–16 years old


"For me, PEK is a friendly place where my daughter learns French with her friends. The reception is very warm. Every Saturday is a real pleasure to play, share and learn with other French speakers."


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